Model & Glamour

Looking your best!

Whether you want images for your professional portfolio or for your personal or social media, we can capture studio or outdoors shots that will really highlight your look and your style. If you are new to modelling we can help you build a portfolio, and if you are experienced we can build a new set of images to enhance your collection.


A great studio shoot using both outdoor and indoor spaces. The summer evening light in the outdoors shoots was gorgeous.

Lina is a young model but has great potential!

Major Pinkyy

Will is a fabulous character with some stories to tell. He has a great look, both in his style and his ability to stare down the camera lens. We took some dark studio shots in a black t-shirt and then some character poses outside. I really like these images!

Frana Raff

These shots are from a cinematic session with Frana. We did three set-ups; firstly a dark set using the wall and floor to best effect, a set of images with Frana smoking, and then finally a set of styled images using a muslin curtain and a bright lighting set-up. Many of the images were edited in both colour and black & white using an edgy/contrasty feel to them.

Georgia Porter

I first met Georgia at a styled shoot and wanted us to work together again. We've met up several time since and enjoyed the fun of Georgia bringing a large bag of shoes and outfits, and just seeing where the mood takes us! She is a natural model that understand how to work the camera to get some engaging and natural images.

"Just wanted to message saying thank you and you are amazing at what u do! Easily the best pics that have been taken of me ever. Thank u again"

—Georgia P

Ell Carter

"Stuart & Toni are lovely - you won’t miss out on laughing around them and they are both brilliant photographers"

—Ell C

Kiera, Leah & Millie Gorey

I've worked with the three Gorey sisters on several occasions creating fun and unique images as you can see!

Alice Katz


Lakelyn is the daughter of one of my fabulous wedding couples and I've always enjoyed her photo shoots. She is a great character and her young personality comes across in these images!