Why do I love a Styled Shoot?

Styled shoots are a great opportunity to be creative and maybe work outside the boundaries of a wedding environment.

Perhaps you want to try a different style of photography, or different editing techniques. Here is your chance to be creative! Styled shoots are also great for networking and meeting wedding suppliers as well as working with trusted colleagues you have worked with before.


The chosen models can certainly complete the look of the shoot and here a fabulous couple and a stunning bride offer a number of simple set

ups to showcase the venue, the locations and the suppliers at their best. Again it is a chance to be a little creative!

The photographer

The styling may be totally awesome, but it’s only the photographer’s interpretation that truly matters. When choosing a photographer make sure the fit is right.

The relationship with the photographer is key – it’s a key working relation between stylist and photographer and neither should cramp the other but it’s important there’s honest communication. If you'd like to get me involved in a shoot with you, please get in touch to chat about the look you want.

What about cost?

Styled shoots are usually collaborative – this means everyone brings their own expertise, time & service to the table. A florist will pay for the flowers, the stationer the paper/printing, the photographer the editing etc. But there will be costs, even if it is only in providing refreshments during the day. But you may consider hiring a model or covering some of the supplier's costs - for example where a large floral arrangement is required. This may seem quite challenging, but you need to see the outlay as part of your marketing budget and you may get a great return on your investment!


Your brand

You may frequently get requests to collaborate on shoots, but remember – only say yes to those shoots that are right for you and your business.


Social media

Don’t rely on just a blog to spread the word when published! Make sure you’ve made it easy for everyone to get on social media and tag all of the suppliers involved.

Always thank the blog – whether it’s in the comments, on social media or an email.

Collaboration Partners on this Shoot